Balloon Mosh Pit

Get everyone on the dance floor with balloons rubber banded to their ankles. Put on some sixties music such as The Beatles. While dancing, everyone has to try stomping out everyone else's balloon! Get on the attack... but take care of your balloon! This is a game both adults and children will enjoy.


A wild relay race using nothing but suction! Teams line up and each member is given a straw. The object is to get a marshmallow from one side of the room to the other using only the suction power through your straw. Adapt this game idea for younger children in this way: instead of sucking, let them drive a light object (such as a small marble or toy car) from a starting point to the finish line moving it forward by blowing through a straw.

60's Trivia

This activity is for the older guests. Team up and get ready for a sixties trivia. Do you know the name of Little Ricky's babysitter on "I Love Lucy"? Or Latka's wife on "Taxi"? How about Darrin Stephens' advertising agency on "Bewitched"? Include sixties movies, music and even advertisements in your trivia and get ready for a fun activity full of memories.