Drinking Shake Contest

This is a fast and fun game that you can plan before serving lunch at your 50's party. Make tasty shakes and fill glasses up to the same level. Those who want to participate sit at the table and on the word "go!" must start zipping their shakes. The player who drinks the most of their shake on just ONE zip is the winner. Compare glasses to check who has drank the most! This party idea is better than having players race to drink their shake completely. It is especially good for children, who might not be able to finish up their drinks that fast and also to allow participants to actually enjoy their shakes!

Go Bowling

Play this game on a grassy surface or a carpeted room. Children form two teams. One team will be the pins and the other will start bowling. The pins form in lines, the largest line at the back and the shortest at the front. (Real pins form a triangle with a line of four at the back, then three, then two and one pin at the front.) The pins must stand on one foot, with their arms on their sides, close to their bodies. Pins can't lower down the other foot or lift their arms. The bowling team stands about 15 feet away from the pins and each player has two chances to knock down as many pins as he can with a pillow. Teams then change places, and the one that has knocked down the most pins wins.

The Best Hair-Do

Have a lot of hair grease! Then let children style their hairs the Elvis way. The best -or highest- hair-do wins! Have a blast in the past with our 50's games!