Taste Test

You will need 10 to 15 shot glasses with various kinds of liquors and brands for this adult party game . See how many of them your guests can identify by just smelling. If your crowd is having a rough time let them taste. The one who identifies the most is the winner. 

Apple of discord 

Each pair holds an apple between their foreheads. The leader gives the commands: "Three steps to the left!", "Three steps to the right!", "Squat!", "Jump!" etc. The pairs must fulfill them and if the apple drops, the pair is out. 

Hand To Hand

Guests must form two circles, one inside of the other. The inner circle must face to the outside, while the outer one faces to the inside. When the leader starts the music, the two circles begin moving in opposite directions. Just before the leader stops the music he/she shouts out a command such as "Hand to foot," "Nose to back of head," "Elbow to hip," "Cheek to cheek," etc. When the music stops the people facing each other must obey the command. The leader must find someone to pair up with, and then the person who is left out becomes the leader. This adult party game makes also a fun icebreaker for a teen party.

Chicken game 

In each pair the partners stand with their backs to each other. They have an egg between their backs (or a little bit lower). The object is to put an egg on the ground, so as not to break it. The pair which succeeds in it wins the game.