"Love is …"

Write 25 romantic or sexy words on index cards, such as throbbing, lips, passion, candlelight, roses, chocolate, and so on. On another 25 index cards write some non-romantic images, such as ironing board, wallpaper paste, bikini wax, nose hair, motor oil, and so on. Stack the two piles separately, and distribute paper and pencil. Have each player draw a card from each pile. When everyone has 2 cards, ask them to write a silly love poem using the two words or phrases they have drawn. For example: "Roses are red, they make me hot! Your eyes are sexy, your nose hairs are not!" Have them read their poems aloud one at a time.

Sing Along

Divide the group into teams. Fold up slips of paper that have different "wedding related" words on them. Include easy words such as love, white, lips, marry, and some difficult ones like bride, bouquet, chapel, groom, etc. Team #1 gets to draw first. Their mission is to sing a song (at least one line of lyrics) with that word in it. Then it's Team #2's turn. Team #2 must take their word and sing to it. Keep going back and forth until one of the teams gets stumped. Then the other team wins the point.

Making Memories

Break all of your guests into several groups. Supply each group with a photo album page, scissors, and some old magazines. Give each group a topic that pertains to the couple-- dates, honeymoon, future, careers, hobbies, etc. Have each group create a collage that has to do with their topic by cutting pictures out of the magazines. When everyone is finished, put all of the pictures together in the photo album. Guests will have lots of fun playing this wedding shower game and the bride and groom-to-be will definitely enjoy these crazy memories!

Honeymoon Ramblings

Give each guest a piece of paper and a marker. Have them put the paper on the floor in front of them. Let them then try to write their names on the paper using only their feet. While everyone is attempting to do this, have one person record on a piece of paper what everyone is saying while they are trying to do this. Once everyone is done, announce "This is what (bride's name) is going to say on her wedding night." Then read all of the responses. Some of the responses might be: "No way" , "This really hurts", "This is easier than I thought it would be", "I'm done" and "It won´t fit!". Let the bride have the sayings as a keepsake.

Wedding Dress

Players must choose a couple to work with. One will be the top model and the other one will be the fashion designer. Supply each couple with a roll of toilet paper and masking tape.
Creativity and velocity are the key to winning this game. The fashion designer must "create" a wedding dress on her model in 10 minutes. Once the wedding dresses are ready, play some wedding music and let the fashion show begin!
The hostess can interview the designer, while the model shows the dress around the room. Play around with words and names used in fashion shows. Ask "Jenny" Versace where did she get the inspiration from, what materials did she use on the dress and their cost.
This activity is lots of fun for both players and audience, and pictures of the wedding dresses are a great keepsake for the wedding couple!
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