Who to Invite

Your child’s first birthday should be the first of the many special events that you’re going to hold in your family life. The baby might be too young to remember everything, but the focus is to gather select friends and loved ones who have been there throughout your journey into parenthood. It is all about creating memories – moments that all of you will look back on later in life, with fondness and affection.
Planning a birthday party is always crucial – you both have to please the celebrant and the guests. It’s even harder when the person celebrating their birthday is a baby, because technically she is still quite too young to understand what’s going on around her. The trick is to invite guests who are familiar to your baby – faces that she often sees during her first days, such as her grandparents, aunts and uncles, godmothers and godfathers. These people should also be special to your heart – celebrating your child’s first birthday is not about social networking but creating an intimate occasion to appreciate a milestone. It is also to give thanks for having reached a full year of your baby’s existence, and that she is, to that day, healthy and happy and full of life.

At What Time

Babies are known to have really short attention span. They are also prone to tantrum fits and crying bouts when they feel tired, sleepy or uncomfortable. To avoid such scenario during the special day, make sure that you consider your baby’s sleeping schedule into the time of the party. It is best to gather everyone in the afternoon, after your child has had a nap, so that she is fully awake and responsive to guests who have come to see her.