To inspire a festive and youthful atmosphere, you can also invite friends and loved ones who have children. You can prepare a separate table for them, and then mingle with the adults on another. An outdoor setting would be nice, so everybody can enjoy the fresh air, and the large space would make the baby more comfortable. While you chat with the adults, the kids can run around and play, or you can keep them behaved yet entertained by providing them with art materials and little toys, or by just popping in a DVD of a cartoon movie.
Assign somebody to be in charge of the picture-taking, as you will surely be busy handling the baby and engaging the guests. Photos are very important because you are creating tangible memories for everybody – make sure that everyone gets their picture taken, and that they also have a shot with the baby. Another idea is to have your guests write a birthday message on a large piece of paper, and have their photo taken while holding it in front of the camera. Finally, follow the rule of the three Keep’s: keep the party to a maximum of two hours as your baby will likely be exhausted, keep tabs on the gifts so you’ll know who to send a thank you card after, and keep the photos on a scrapbook so you can share later on when your child is older memories of this special event saved on pictures.