Red, White, and Blue Tag

Two kids are designated to be "It." Everyone else holds a colored chip in their closed fists (red, white, or blue). The "Its" chase the others and try to tag them. When tagged, they have to hand over their chip to the "It", then go grab another chip from a bag. The first "It" to have collected 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue chip yells "STOP!"

Red, White and Blue

This is one of children's favorite 4th of July games. Kids must think of things that are red, white, and blue. The first child starts by thinking of something that is red (or contains the word"red"); then the next child thinks of something that is white (or contains the word "white") and the next child thinks of something that is blue (or contains the word "blue"). The next child would then start over by thinking of something red, then white, etc. There's only 5 seconds to think of a word or you're out of the game. The game goes on until there's only one child left.

Chalk One Up

Painting is a great 4th of July activity for entertaining kids during your party. Bring out their artistic side by setting out colored chalk and inviting them to draw a Fourth of July sidewalk mural. Suggest them to draw fireworks or create together a giant American flag. The bigger kids can sketch the outline and work on the stars, while the younger ones can help with the stripes. Let children add to your Fourth of July decoration with a colorful, patriotic mural!

Patriotic Pinatas

Beating a pinata can also be a fun 4th of July activity. Look through our Patriotic Pinatas and choose your favorite!