The Trick

The wind howled. Even though it was still in the middle of the day, Carrie shivered with nervous fear. She set a Jack-O-Lantern on the porch step.
Carrie did not like Halloween. Every year her family decorated with creepy Halloween haunted house supplies that turned their house into a spooky haunted mansion. However, her older brothers and sisters loved it and would spend all night pulling pranks on Carrie.
Carrie sat down on the step right next to her Jack-O-Lantern. Suddenly her Jack-O-Lantern came alive. A body sprouted up underneath the pumpkin head and Carrie shrieked. She was about to put her hands over her eyes and start crying. How had her brothers and sisters managed to pull this trick and wasn’t it too early in the day? But the pumpkin-headed man bowed low to her.
“Lady Carrie, do not be scared.” The Jack-O-Lantern remained stooped into his bow. “I came to see if I could help.”
“H-H-Help?” Sniffed Carrie, tears had started to stream down her face.
“Yes, I think it’s time you pulled a Halloween prank on your siblings.” The Jack-O-Lantern straightened up and smiled mischievously.
Carrie’s eyes brightened, she was not scared anymore. “Oh! Yeah! That would be way cool! How will we do it?”
Night came and the haunted house was finished.
“You’re gonna be soooo freaked out when the ghost eats your soul, Carrie,” Carrie’s oldest sister taunted.
“Whatever,” Carrie shrugged. One of her brothers turned the house lights off and Halloween lights dimly lit the room.
“OooOOooo” Another brother cried, “Carrie, listen, they’re coming to get you.”
“OK,” Carrie’s voice was cheerful. Other kids from the neighborhood began to come into the house. Carrie walked out and went to meet the Jack-O-Lantern man.
“Alright Lady Carrie,” he whispered, “You turn out the lights. I’ll slam the door and take care of the rest.”
Carrie went, turned off the Halloween lights, and waited. The door slammed shut. The other kids gasped. Carrie could hear the Jack-O-Lantern man light a candle and put it into his head. He walked into the now dark room.
The room lit up with glowy candle light. Carrie heard lots of screams from everyone in the room. She snuck up and stood behind the Jack-O-Lantern man so nobody could see her. “I…am…the… Jack-O-Lantern man. I live on the souls of frightened children.” He lowered his voice. “I can see that you are all frightened. I will now eat all of your souls!”
Everyone except Carrie was screaming and panicking. Carrie stepped to the side of the Jack-O-Lantern man so that she could be seen. The Jack-O-Lantern man reached up, took his head off his shoulders, and handed it to Carrie.
Suddenly his body dissolved magically into thin air. Carrie stood holding his head, the candle was still lit. Everyone stared at her.
“What?” She said to the whole room as if they had lost their minds.
The over head house lights turned on and Carrie’s mother walked into the room. “What is going on in here?” She demanded.
“C-Carrie played a trick on us. She scared us really bad.” One of the older sisters whimpered.
“Well, it’s about time. Good job Carrie.” Their mother smiled at Carrie.
“Thank you.” Carrie smiled big and then skipped out of the room. She went outside and placed the Jack-O-Lantern gently on the porch step.
“Thank you Jack-O-Lantern man.” she whispered very softly.
The Jack-O-Lantern man’s mouth did not move but Carrie heard a voice say, “You are welcome Lady Carrie. I’ll see you next Halloween….”
“See ya.” She whispered and went inside.