Halloween is probably one of the most popular festivities where both kids and adults have no qualms about dressing up. It's one of those occasions where you don't mind seeing a pack of teenage Jokers running about the streets, or a small team of Spider-Man, a princess, a vampire and an olive knocking at your door to come for Trick or Treat. It's also probably forgivable to find a reincarnation of Han Solo and Princess Leia drinking and dancing at a party, after all, it's just one night. Everything will be forgotten in the morning.

Nevertheless what about the outfits, all those Halloween costume supplies? Have you ever thought about what happens to them after the biggest Fright Night of the year comes to an end?
There is no mystery here. Some probably stash the costume at the back of their closets, to use for the following year. Some probably wore clothes from their own wardrobe (you know, those who pass themselves off as hippie or retro or Tom Cruise in Risky Business) and would continue on doing so the next day. Some throw it out the dumpster the moment it's all over, already planning a better one for next year. And some, who have thought economical, went back to grandma to return her borrowed dress.
So Moms, listen, this will probably benefit you more than the rest, seeing as to how kids are these days. Here are some delightful ways of reusing those Halloween costume supplies:
1. Donate them to schools. Most elementary and secondary schools all hold a play or theater activities every now and then, with conceptual stories and even more conceptual characters. There's no telling how your kid's costumes can be of value. Granted, you won't even be the one reusing the materials, but if you have no such need for nylon spandex in your home then this is the thing to do. Moreover, schools are quite popular for nativity plays, Shakespeare productions and retelling of fables, myths and legends, angel wings and silver armors and lion fur would fit right in.
2. Re-invent them for future costumes. Try to look at your child's current costume and think of someone similar. With a few snips of a scissor and sewing here and there, you can turn one character into the next. For example a Batman head mask could easily transform into a mask of Zorro. Cinderella's blue dress could be changed into something Alice in Wonderland would wear , just add a white apron over it. Done with your child's Red Riding Hood alter ego? Convert it into a Superman cape for your son. In turn you can give his fireman costume a makeover and reuse the stripes for a cute bumblebee outfit for your daughter.
3. Re-use them as day clothes. If your kids happen to use separate pieces to complete their outfit, then you can still apply them as everyday clothes! Captain Jack Sparrow's white polo can still be worn as is, as well as the pants, the boots, even the vest. Just stay away from the mustache for now if he's only seven.
4. Get into DIY crafts. Sew a quilt out of patches of cloth from old costumes. Make a bag or a shoe hanger. Cover your wooden benches. Make a new pillow case. There's no limit to how creative you can be if you just let yourself be open to possibilities. If you have lots of fabric, there are a lot of do-it-yourself projects that are easy to make and will brighten up your home.
5. Store Halloween costume supplies for future parties. If your kids are fond of face paint and have used such last Halloween, you can still keep the leftover materials and bring them out for more fun activities during a birthday party. Keep an eye out for what their friends were wearing, too, you can always have a princess-themed party if you know everyone's already have the perfect dress for such affair.
It's fun to think about how all those smashing attires reach their end; but it's even more fun to come up with ideas on how to reuse these Halloween costume supplies without exerting much effort. After all, recycling is as old and good a practice as is taking care of your environment. Just remember;  the only thing not worth salvaging is a bad idea.