Aside from costumes, the best part of Halloween is the decorations. Decking the house out with spiders on cobwebs, tombstones, Jack-O-Lanterns, and ghosts is part of what makes Halloween fun. However, after a few years of the same kinds of decorations it gets old. Try some original and crafty decoration ideas in order to stand out from the neighbors.

Make your own Halloween candles!

Homemade candles are fun and original. Candle wax, molds, and dye can be purchased at craft stores.
A fun way to make small candles (which may be a better choice considering that Halloween is only one night) is to use metal cookie cutters. Party supply stores will carry Halloween themed cookie cutters in various shapes and sizes.
Melt and dye (if you are using candle dyes) the wax according to the instructions on the candle wax packet.
Cut waxed string into 2 inch long pieces. Use a small piece of masking tape to fix the strings to the bottom of a non-stick cookies sheet about 5 inches apart from each other. (You might need to cut longer strings if the cookies sheet is taller.)
Pour the melted wax onto the cookies sheet. Make sure the top of the strings (at least ½ inch) is not covered by the wax.
Then once the wax is cool but still pliable, use the cookie cutters to cut out the Halloween candles making sure you leave one of the strings at the center.

Tissue Paper Ghosts

Halloween isn’t very fun without the ghosts. Tissue paper in any color can be bought at a party supply store. Scissors, string, yarn/ribbons, and a marker are also important to this project. Larger tissue paper will make larger ghosts.
Use one or two wadded up pieces of tissue paper to make the head. Drape another piece of tissue paper over the wadded up piece(s).
Tie yarn/ribbon around the outside paper right below where the inside wad of paper ends.
Decorate the ghost. Be creative! Use paint, markers, stickers, or anything to make the ghost original.
Tie a long piece of string to the yarn/ribbon and hang the ghost up.
Don’t forget to recycle the tissue paper when the ghosts are ready to retire.

Recycled Jars

Many people have left over glass jars from sore bought foods or home canning.
To remove jar labels:
  • Soak jar in hot/warm water for 10 minutes.
  • Peel label off.
  • Remove left over glue with peanut butter and a steal pad.
Once the jar is label free, it can be decorated Halloween themed with glass paint or with paper mache. The empty jar can work as a candle mold or holder, as a candy jar, or many other things.
Personalized decorations will not only be different from everyone else’s but will also mean more to those who spent the time to make them.