Trick or Treat! This is what we often hear when kids (or kids at heart) knock on our doors during Halloween. And then we bring out tons of candies, sweets, chocolate bars and other possible sweet junk food known to man, and readily give them away. Afterwards, when the door-to-door escapades have finished, everyone rushes home to see what they have received, ready to trade Twinkies for a pack of Jolly Ranchers!
It’s always exciting to receive candies, but there are also a lot of pastries one can choose from to treat a child’s rich imagination and hearty stomach. All it takes is a visit to your favorite pastry shop, a little artistry, a stop at your favorite Halloween party supply shop and you’re sure to create a fun and enjoyable cooking experience not only for the young ones but for the whole family as well.
You can still buy the candies and save them for those who will come trick-or-treating. However, to keep the children in your house from craving those that you will give away, why not plan a little party of your own to enjoy this occasion? Call it your annual Fright Night. Rent some scary movies, prepare the den for some good old scary fun, and eat equally scary-looking food!

Halloween Food Decorating Tips

Here are some ideas to transform your regular pastries to scary yummy delights that are sure fire hits for all kids (and kids at heart):

Halloween cupcakes

Buy some food coloring as well as colorful frosting. Turn chocolate cupcakes into wicked witches with bad hair, or carrot cupcakes into scary jack-o-lanterns! You can also put some food coloring to turn your cupcakes into different color, like green for Frankenstein. Transform red velvet cakes into a gruesome heart or brain, with creamy red frosting in the inside that will look like blood when split in half.

Fingerling cookies

Create your own creepy fingers by baking your regular batch of cookies and molding them to look like detached bloody fingers!

Gummy Worms

Who can ever forget the classic gummy worms? Not only do they come in a lot of colors, they’re also a lot of fun to eat!

Bloody Bagels

Transform your plain old bagel into a bloody one by enrobing it in dark red colored chocolate and presto! You have a very bloody donut in your hand!

Munchkin Mummies

Decorate your munchkins and create gory little mummy heads that kids will surely love to eat!


if you’re not into pastries, you can still turn meals into gross body parts that will bring out screams and squeals. Granted, these can be found in your local grocery rather than a Halloween party supply shop, but they’re great ideas, too:

Spaghetti Brains

Cook a pack of spaghetti and then drain it into bowl and leave it there to dry for a bit. After awhile you can scoop out the whole thing and you will notice that they have stuck together and have formed the shape of the bowl. If you turn it upside down and then dribbled on with sauce, it will look like a person’s brain!

Grape Eyeballs

Buy perfectly round grapes and then peel them one by one. Dip them in a small vat of water and syrup, and they will look and feel like tiny little eyeballs that are quite freaky.
These are just a few examples of what one can do to create fun treats for Halloween. For sure there are still a lot of crazy and scary things one can make from decorating your food. Again, all it takes is a little of that rich imagination and a short trip to the store for a bit of Halloween party supply shopping.
Happy Halloween!