Fun Halloween party favors for kids!


Thick Cardboard
Old Newspapers
1 Basin (about 4 in. deep)
Black Marker
Paint Brush


1. First make the papier mâché, a paper pulp used to mold figures. Fill half basin with water and add 4oz. of glue to the water. Mix well. Tear newspapers into small pieces and immerse in the mixture. Add enough paper to reach the surface of the water. Leave for 1 day until paper is disintegrated in the water.
2. Outline monsters faces on the cardboard. Cut out.
3. Use the paper maché as a "dough" to emboss monster's nose, eyes and eyebrows.
4. Add a layer of glue using a brush to hold paper mache more firmly to cardboard and give an even finish to surface. Leave face to dry for a day.
5. Paint monsters face and leave to dry. Use to decorate your Halloween party or as party favors