This is an easy Halloween craft activity that requires just a few materials.


Several sheets of white paper
Black Marker
Black Construction Paper


1. Use a black marker to outline a ghost on a sheet of paper. Draw a small tab at the top of the ghost. Decide on the length of your streamer and draw enough ghosts to stick all along.
2. Cut out ghosts around the outline. Cut small circles out of black construction paper.
3. Glue circles on the ghost to make eyes and mouth.
4. Add glue to the back of the tab at the top of the ghost, fold tab over the string and press to stick it well to the string. Stick ghosts 2" away from each other.
This craft activity is very simple... even the smallest kids can help! Let kids help decorate the house for a Halloween party by teaching them how to make these cute ghost streamers.

Ghosts Template for Streamer

Even simpler...and faster! We have created a template with ghost figures that you can simply print, cut out and stick them along a string to create your ghosts streamer. Click on the image to the left to print it out.