Halloween is a great time to create activities for kids to do at school. It is an opportunity for them not only to have fun but to practice their creativity as well. They can just be kids and play and be scared, and it’s one of those fond memories that they will happily recall as they grow older. Before they grow too old or too mature to enjoy the silliness and childlike wonder of an occasion such as Halloween, here are a few suggestions that parents and/or teachers can do to make kids’ Halloween enjoyable even when they are at school:

Trick or Treat

Have the kids go trick-or-treating in classrooms and school offices before classes start and on break periods. Kids love the fun of running around school in groups with their friends. Have them create and decorate their trick-or-treat bags as outrageously scary as they can. Also have the teachers prepare candies and other treats to give to the children.

Halloween Movie Hour

Choose a movie that is both for kids and fitting for Halloween. You can choose an older film like Casper for ghosts, or more recent ones like Harry Potter for wizardry.

Halloween Mail

Just like a Valentine greeting or a Christmas card, have the kids prepare a Halloween greeting card or letter to a special person in their life – it could be their family, their friends and their teacher. Then have everyone drop them into a witch’s hat, where, due to magic, the letters will be delivered to the recipient that same day.

Story Telling Activity

Have the kids read different stories (not the very scary ones) and make each one of them retell his/her story in front of the class. Present the winner with a bag of Halloween school supplies for a prize.

Drawing Contest

This activity can help enhance the kids’ creativity and imagination. Have them draw specific Halloween characters and give them free reign as to how they would like those characters to look like. Again, the winner’s prize can also be a bag of Halloween school supplies. Afterwards, all of the drawings can be displayed in the classroom as a décor.

Halloween Play

Group the kids into teams of 5 and have them create a Halloween story of their own. Ask them to perform a play that is based on the story they created. Of course, they will really need their parents’ and teachers’ help to make this one work great. This is an excellent opportunity for kids and their parents/guardians to bond with each other.

Costume Making

To prepare the kids on their actual trick-or-treating on Halloween night with their parents, an activity can be organized where the costumes will be made in school with the help of the teachers. The children can bring Halloween school supplies and begin making their costumes during arts and crafts period. Make sure that there are no harmful materials like sharp scissors, matches or other chemical ingredients that may be accidentally put into the eyes or the mouth.

Halloween Entertainment Show

Invite magicians to perform at a variety show in the school. They could be dressed in Halloween costumes as well to match the event and the mood. This could be the culminating event before the school closes for Halloween.
As kids have short attention spans, these activities will offer an excellent change to their daily routine of mostly sitting in class and listening to lessons all day. Make the most out of the day by giving the kids a fun Halloween experience they won’t easily forget.