Halloween is a time for fun! Hence the food and snacks that we offer our guests and the kids must be fun too. I look forward to the funniest and wackiest ideas for making food and drinks fit for a ghouls’ banquet. One thing that I always keep in mind while I am deciding what delicacies to prepare for Halloween is to make original Halloween treats out of common, simple recipes.

Eye Ball Cupcakes

My favorite one is Eye-Ball Cupcakes. This dessert is simple and fast to prepare. Buy a pack of chocolate cake mix, a pack of Jell-O chocolate instant Pudding, one pack of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the softened kind. Make the batter for the cake as per the directions given on the package. Add the dry pudding mix, blending into a good batter. Then just spread batter on paper-lined medium-sized muffin cups, a spoon full should be enough. Bake these following the instructions in the pack. And then let them cool off completely!
For the topping beat cream cheese, butter and vanilla in a medium size bowl and blend it thoroughly. Add sugar to batter repeating the beating process slowly. Now evenly spread topping on cupcakes. Here’s the most interesting part! Arrange a fruit snack on top of each cupcake; add one candy-coated chocolate piece at the centre of this to give the look of an eyeball. Use your imagination and draw wavy lines with the help of decorating gel that will resemble veins. Make sure your gel is of red color to get that devilish effect.

Graveyard Brownie Cake

Another interesting yet simple recipe is the Graveyard Brownie Cake. You need 16 Halloween Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, one pack of brownie mix, some miniature marsh mallows and some decorating icing. Halloween assorted candies such as worm-shaped chewy fruit snacks or bugs would make great decorations.
Make the brownie mix as per the instructions in the package, spread batter in a greased 14-inch cake pan and bake this in a pre-heated up to 350degree F oven for 18 to 20 minutes. Next sprinkle the marsh mellows over the brownie and bake for another 3 to 5 minutes until the marsh mellows are lightly browned. Now sprinkle half of the cookies after chopping them over the marsh mellows and let it cool. Decorate the top with 8 remaining cookies and icing cream as if the cookies were tombstones, pressing them gently into the brownie and spread the assorted candies all over the brownie. Let the whole family join in the decoration of this yummy graveyard!