Halloween is a holiday that everyone looks forward to. Here are some game ideas that I will carry out to keep the kids entertained:

Mystery Box

One of my favorite Halloween party ideas for kids is the Mystery Box. Mystery boxes are creepy, it requires a lot of brave heart to put your hand in and touch something gruesome! Get a few boxes and make a hole at the top big enough for a hand to go through. Don't let kids peep in! You can write on cards what's inside each box. A box that contains olives can be labeled as "Eyes", another one with pepperoni slices can be "Zombie Scabs" and a bowl with cooked spaghetti can be labeled as 'Worms Soup". If you prefer, you can leave boxes unlabeled. Kids will be horrified when they try to imagine what it is that they are touching inside the mystery box.

Skeleton Hunt

Another simple yet fun Halloween party activity is the skeleton scavenger hunt. This one is pretty much like the very popular treasure hunt game. You will have to buy plastic skeletons and hide the bones in different places around the house before the party begins. It will be fun for the kids to locate every bone part and re-assemble the skeleton on their own. Kids can also play in teams and the winning team gets a special prize.

Pumpkin Game

Another fun activity for the kids is the pumpkin passing game, which is like the popular musical chairs with a twist: there are no losers in this activity! The children pass on the pumpkins to the rhythm of music. As soon as the music stops the kid who is holding the pumpkin is out of the game, but that is the beginning of another activity for them. Provide paints and markers on a table and let them start decorating the pumpkin. Gradually the whole team will move to the pumpkin painting corner and show their creativity.