Remember that year as a kid when you had that awesome Halloween costume that you'll never forget? Make this Halloween a special one for your child by buying the right Halloween costume supplies.
You can go classic or follow the current pop culture.

Classic Costumes

1. Even though hundreds of girls wear one every year, you can't go wrong with a princess costume. Make your daughter a unique pretty princess to separate her from the masses by adding dazzling accessories. Other than the mandatory tiara and scepter you can add a long cape trimmed with marabou to have her feel like real royalty.
2. For a boy, what's cooler than a super hero?! Superman Costumes, Batman Costumes, Wolverine Costumes, the list is endless. They never get old and are always stylish and fun. You can even make up an original super hero so he'll stand out from the other super-kids.

And the Winner is:

5. Here is something that has costume versions for both boys and girls and is both classic and new! With the new movie's box office success, Star Trek is back in style. Not only is it in style, it's also as classic sci-fi as you can get.
So, whether you dress your kids in a timeless classic, fall in with the latest fad, or do everything in between, make sure to get your Halloween costumes supplies well ahead. This way you'll find the best and least expensive products and have enough time to create that long dreamed of outfit for your kids. In October avoid the hassle of the rush that comes with finding the perfect Halloween costume, which may lead to not finding your ideal disguise!