Halloween is a time where scary stories take the spotlight. As a child I’ve loved reading and hearing stories about ghosts and the supernatural. I even have the Goosebumps paperback series and have enjoyed going from one adventure to the next, based solely from my decisions. I loved the feeling of heading into some kind of trouble or occurrence as a consequence of my choice, and the challenge of being able to get out of it even if I’m half scared to death.
As I grew older, my attention has shifted to even scarier works of fiction like Stephen King’s stories. I also enjoy watching horror stories that involved ghosts, the underworld and the paranormal, as well as post-apocalyptic tales and zombie experiences. But what frightens me terribly, to the point that the hairs on the back of my neck really do stand up, is when I hear stories told by friends and family, where one just swears by it, that it really happened, and that we are not really alone in the land of the living.
And even if I’m older now, and have deduced to myself that as a rational human being, there is no way that ghosts can exist, I still get scared whenever such tales are passed on to me. Here are some of the stories I’ve heard from the workplaces that I have been to:
One night, Rudy, a primary line inspector in a dressing plant, saw a co-worker walking towards the bathroom. He called him over to ask something, but was not acknowledged nor greeted back. Irritated, as it was a very important task, Rudy called him again but to no avail. He shouted at the top of his lungs, just in case he wasn’t heard over the noise of the machines, but didn’t get a reply. Deciding that he has had enough, he walked to the bathroom and opened the door with a bang, only to find it empty. Frustrated, he went outside to smoke. Just as he was lighting the cigarette, the same co-worker arrived in a cab in front of him. Shocked, he told his co-worker that he just saw him enter the bathroom, wearing the same outfit and all. His co-worker said that it couldn’t possibly happen, since he just arrived. Who is the mystery person Rudy had seen?
Jason is an early bird and is usually the first one to arrive at the office. There was one week when he was forced to go on overtime the next day because of a project deadline. Nobody was in the office on a Saturday except for the janitor, so he thought he’d come by early again to avoid giving the janitor a hard time waiting up for him. The moment he arrived and walked up to the door, the janitor greeted him with a wave and said, “It’s nice to see you two today. Quite a busy week, eh?” and then proceeded to open the office without waiting for his reply. Jason was speechless. He arrived alone. He looked at his side and behind him but nobody was there standing. Who could be the other person that the janitor had seen and spoken to?
Carrie is working on a graveyard shift. She was alone as it is the night off of her co-workers. Relaxed and enjoying the silence, she continued her work and was getting into the rhythm when she suddenly heard someone crying softly at the corner of the office. At first she thought it was just her mind playing tricks on her, and she tried to reason out that she was just tired and it was late. But then the cries are getting louder, like someone was really upset. She stood up and started to get nervous. She was just alone in the office that night. Who was it that was crying then? She didn’t bother to find out. She shut down everything and made a beeline for the door, trying to get the sobs out of her mind.
Perhaps these experiences were just coincidences and the people that were involved were just being paranoid. However, in the spirit of Halloween, let’s just take them as the scary stories that they are.