One of the things that make Halloween fun and memorable is how it holds a certain appeal to everyone. For children it's a time to indulge in candies, costumes, and other Halloween supplies, while for adults it's a chance to be a kid again. Either way it's an occasion to let loose and have fun! Halloween is a journey to nostalgia for all of us, a quest to the unknown territory of being silly and being frightened and enjoying it. There's just something ridiculously fun about being scared or getting someone scared, that first rush of fear, with a mixture of thrill and adventure, before finally dissolving to relief and laughter.
This Halloween, why not try your hand and have fun at scaring people? To be able to pull pranks at family and friends oh, that would be riot! Think of all the excitement at preparing this trick up your sleeve. Imagine the look on their faces!

Great Ideas for Fun, Harmless and Easy-to-Plan Halloween Pranks

Here are a few ideas that will make your targets jump from their seats and scared to their wits (at least until you're found out). It's time to bring out that bag of Halloween supplies and start creating your scary props. After all, treats are not all there is to it in Halloween:
1. Instead of putting candies in the bag of those trick-or-treaters, try putting plastic cockroaches and spiders instead. Put them in a big pouch or bag, with a small mouth so they can't peer into the container while getting. What they expect to be some yummy candies will turn out to be disgusting (albeit plastic but nobody knows that!) creepy crawlies!
2. Dress up and act as a scary looking lady in white, and then knock on a friend's door at night. Make sure your make up makes you unrecognizable so you'll get a really good scare out of your friend. Better yet, scare the people inside your own house!
3. This might be a bit of a cliché, but it still works anyway, so try it as well. Knock on somebody's door at night and when you hear someone approaching to open the door, run and hide. Another way of spicing it up a little is to leave a tape recorder hidden near the door or the bushes, full of scary voices and whispers.
4. Drop by a best friend's place to hang out. Make an excuse to use his or her bathroom and then discreetly write a scary message (like WATCH YOU WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPING) on the mirror of your friend's room and breathe on it. You will then be able to read the words you wrote. Let the fog that your breath created in the mirror dry up. Later after you've gone, when your friend comes into the room after taking a bath, the mirror will fog up and the words will appear again. This will surely freak your friend out!
5. We all get scared of ghost stories sometimes, right? So try making up a really scary ghost story about a place your office mate often goes to alone (like the rest room). Make it sound like another office mate actually experienced the story and give it your best shot at making it realistic and really scary as well. You not only practiced the richness of your imagination, you got a crack at scaring the hell out of your office mate as well.
These are just some suggestions so if you're planning to do some trick or treating, start stocking up on that bag of Halloween supply (if you haven't yet) or preparing the materials that you need for your pranks. Be prepared to give your friends a scare they won't soon forget.