Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating boiled eggs or egg shells is the most popular activity for Easter.
Here's how to decorate edible Easter eggs. First, boil eggs. Use those with white shell that are easier to dye. Fill small bowls or cups with water and add a few drops of food coloring. You can also make your own edible coloring with turmeric, beets, spinach and teas. Teach children to immerse eggs into the dyes to color them. You can also provide paint brushes and let them finish decorating them using the edible dyes.
Another option is to remove the egg's inside through a small hole at the bottom and wash them up. Let children decorate egg shells with watercolors, markers and glitter and use them to accent your Easter decoration. Put them in baskets and use as centerpieces.
Traditional Easter egg painting as done in Russia, Romania and other countries, involves painting an elaborate pattern with wax and dying the egg in different colors. After each dye is used the areas that will keep that color are covered with wax, the egg is immersed in another color, new areas are waxed and so on. When the decoration is complete, the egg is passed over fire to warm the wax and remove it easily with the hand. The egg is then polished with a piece of cloth.

Making Confetti Eggs

Breaking confetti eggs on people's heads is a fun Hispanic tradition played on Easter. Use our colorful confetti eggs to play this fun game or follow the instructions below to make your own.
Use a needle to open a small hole at the top and bottom of an egg. Then blow hard through the top hole to make the egg's inside come out through the hole at the bottom. Wash the inside of the egg shell with hot water and soap and leave to dry. Once the egg shell is dry, insert confetti through the bottom hole. Add a piece of tape to both holes to avoid losing the confetti.
Another great party idea is using eggs for planning Easter games. Boil them first (you can make a mess if using uncooked eggs) or use our Easter party eggs kit. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide chocolate eggs or confetti eggs around your house our garden. Give a small basket to each kid and have them look around for the eggs hopping like Easter bunnies! Kids get to keep the eggs they find!

Easter Tag

When "it" freezes a player, someone has to smash a confetti egg over their head so they can rejoin the game. 

Nosey Egg Roll

The idea of this game is to have kids roll an Easter egg using only their noses. The first one over the finish line wins a prize.

Egg and Spoon Races 

Children must carry an Easter egg on a spoon that they will be holding with their teeth. Then they must race to the finish line. Include relays and obstacle courses to add fun to the race.

Rabbit without a House

Most child party games include races and this one is not an exception. Guests are divided into groups of three, two making a house holding hands and one (a rabbit) standing inside. The person selected to be "the rabbit without a house" stands alone and yells out "find a house!" All rabbits have to change houses, while "the rabbit without a house" tries to steal one for him / herself. The new rabbit left without a house has to make the same and try to get one back, and so on.

Easter Pinatas

Don´t forget to include an Easter Pinata in your list of party games. Use the pinata as part of your Easter decoration and then hang it from a beam or tree branch to play this exciting child party game.