Find below some Christmas games to add to your list of activities for the Holidays. Both children and adults will have lots of fun with our game ideas! 

Back to Back 

Two people sit back to back. One person is given an object, e.g. a fork or a light bulb, and the other is given paper and pencil. Without revealing what the object is, the person with the object has to describe to the person drawing it what they have to draw. i.e. draw a circle at the top. Now draw a rectangle (smaller than the circle) below the circle. The top side of the rectangle must be completely inside the circle, and so on. The accuracy of the picture depends on how well one describes and how well the other intreprets the instructions! The results are quite funny!

Gift Boxes

Wrap a small gift in a small box. Put the box in a slightly larger box, wrap it. Put that in a slightly larger box and wrap it. And so on. With each box, you will write a message and tape it to the outside of that box. The final box will also have a message on it.
The message on the final big box will read something like this: "This gift goes to the person standing closest to the tree". That person gets the gift, opens it and finds the next box with a message that could say something like this: "Sorry! This present goes to the person who is sitting next to you on the left!" That person then gets the gift and opens it and finds the next box which has a similar message. This goes on until you get to the last box which will have the final message designating who actually gets the gift.

Sausages Game 

One team takes turns to ask a person in the other team a question e.g. What do you stir your tea with? The person is only allowed to answer 'sausages' and they mustn't laugh or smile. They get a point for each question they can answer without laughing. If they do laugh, That team gets to ask the opposing team questions, until everyone has had a go. Very few people last more than one or two questions!