Bright red food like pasta shells in red sauce with yellow cheese is recommended for this party. Red drinks like grenadine and yellow lemon syrup in lemonade is perfect and refreshing!
Decorate your table with Fire Fighter tableware and finish off with a fire engine pinata.

Fire Truck Cake

The perfect birthday cake for a firefighters’ party! Bake or buy 2 small rectangular pound cakes. Cut one of the cakes in half. To make the cabin place one half on top of the other cake, aligned to one of the shorter sides of the cake that is still complete. Place the other half of the cut cake at the front of the “cabin” to form the engine. Ice the cake in red. Stick 2 round cookies to each of the longer sides of the cake to make the wheels. Use white frosting to make a ladder on each of the longer sides of the cake and to outline the windshield.

Firefighter Pinata 

Use our Fire Engine Pinata or Fireman Pinata to accent your party decoration and add fun to the party. Fill your pinata with Fire Fighter Chief Badges, Mini Fire Hydrant Squirts, Fire Fighter Sticker Sheets and Fire Fighter Chief Badge Stickers.