Play Fire Brigade

This game is suitable to play indoors or outdoors. Have four large buckets. Fill two of the buckets with water if game is played outdoors. If game is played indoors you can use crumpled newspaper, confetti or anything else that is easy to clean, as long as it fits into plastic cups.
Divide the children into two teams and make each team line up at arms length away from each other. Place the two full buckets in front of each team and at the other end place the empty buckets. Provide one plastic cup for each team. The goal is to move the water or confetti from one bucket to the other, as fast as possible and without spilling too much of it. The first kids in each team will fill their cups and pass it to the one behind them and so on, until the last one in line empties it into the bucket at the end of the line. This is definitely a team effort as full cups will move one way while the empty ones will move the other way.

Firefighters Relay Race

This game can be played indoors or outdoors. You will need to draw two goal lines, approximately 25 to 40 Feet apart. The children will be split into two teams, and each will be assigned to a fire truck (any red truck will do). Each team will form a line that starts at the goal line. When you shout “Fire!”, the first kid in each team has to run truck in hand to the end line, turn around and run back to hand in the truck to the next in line in their team. The game goes on until all players have had a go. Our Firefighter Paddleballs  make great prizes for the winning team!