Swimming Through Reefs

Hang long strips of white crepe streamers from the ceiling, almost touching the floor. Use nylon to hang see shells at different heights, just making sure kids will reach them. Have kids make 2 teams and form a line for each team. On the word “Go” the first kid of each team will run to the “reef”, catch a shell for their team and run back to their team’s line. Then the next kid will have to go to the reef and get a shell, and so on. The winning team is the one that ends first, all players with one shell in hand!

Play Sardines

For this game you will need to switch the main lights off, or draw the curtains if in daylight. One kid will be IT, most probably the birthday child, and he/she will go and hide while the other ones count to 60, eyes shut and facing to a wall. They have to find the hidden one and join him or her in the hiding place, making sure the others do not see where they are hiding! It goes on until there is only one kid left alone. It is important that each kid should seek separately, and not in one pack. Younger kids can hunt in pairs if they prefer.

Sea Treasure

Throw some bead necklaces into a small plastic swimming pool or large bowl filled with water. Kids will have to catch the treasure out of the water with their mouths! For younger kids, you can make fishing poles with sticks and wire for the hook, making sure you leave no sharp ends on the wire.

Ocean Pinata

There is no party without its pinata, and what else than a beautiful mermaid pinata, shark, dolphin or any of our fish pinatas! View all Sea Animals Pinatas > 
Fill your pinata with candy, grow in the water sea animals and sea creatures confetti!