Play Toss the Comet

To play this game you will need Styrofoam balls, as many as there are kids, Velcro and 30 by 70 inches of black felt. Stick a piece of Velcro all around each ball. Fold the felt in two and stick on the wall. Use glittery glue to make the sun on the felt and orbits around it. You can decorate balls with yellow and orange ribbon on one end, to make them look like comets.
Kids then take turns throwing their comets as close as possible to the sun. Falling on an orbit means a small prize, and the one to get closer to the sun is the winner. A Star Wars award ribbon will make a great prize!

Pass the star 

Cut a star out of cardboard, paint it in gold and glitter, wrap it up in foil and place a sticker between each layer. Have as many layers as necessary. The children will sit in a circle. When the music plays, they will pass the star, in the mode of pass the parcel and when it stops, whoever has it has to unwrap a layer and get a sticker. The winner is the child who gets the star.

Planets Freeze 

First, supply kids with a large white paper plate each and provide crayons to decorate them like a planet. Tell them they can create their own planet anyway they want: red, blue, with stones, with trees, with aliens or people. Then you can stick the plates on the floor, a good distance apart so that the children have enough space to run around them. Turn the music on, and when it stops, each child must find a planet to stand on. Repeat the process and remove a planet gradually so that there is always one planet less than there are kids playing.
Note: if kids want to take their planets home, use new paper plates to play this game.

Space Pinatas 

For a memorable treat, add a Rocket Pinata to your list of party games. Fill pinata with candy and party favors and get ready to break it open!