Dress Granny for a Tea Party

Find 2 large dresses, 2 glasses, 2 stockings, 2 hats and 2 pairs of large shoes. Put each set of clothes into a basket and have kids make 2 lines. Each team must choose who will be "granny". "Granny" must stand at a distance from the other kids and on the word "Go" the first kid in each line must pick something from their basket, run to  a "granny" and help her put it on. Then each player must run back to their line and the second kid in the line will get something from the basket and go put it on "granny". The game is over when both grannies are completely dressed. The first team to use up all of the clothes is the winner! Use beaded purses to reward the winners!
Musical Slipper

You will need a large dress shoe. Ask kids to sit in a circle. Instead of passing the shoe from hand to hand while the music plays, girls must put the shoe on one of their neighbor's feet. This girl must take the shoe off her foot and put it on the next girl's foot, and so on. When the music stops, the one with the shoe on has to stand out of the circle and is in charge of the music. The game goes on until only one girl is left. Our Lip Gloss Cell Phones makes a great prize!

Tea Party Pinata

Our tea pot pinata makes a great centerpiece for a tea party and a fun party game too.