Hatch the Dinosaur Egg 

Divide the children into two or three teams, depending on the size of the party. Each kid has a balloon. Each team lines up, with the first ones in line sitting on their “egg” to “hatch it”! The balloon has to break before the next in line can get a chance to break theirs. The winning team can be rewarded with Dinosaurs Temporary Tattoos.

Stomping the Dino’s Eggs

In this dinosaur game, every one has a balloon tied to a string around his/her ankle. The object of the game is to pop everyone else's balloon while keeping theirs safe. The winner is the last one to have their balloon popped.

Dinosaur Egg Relay 

For this fun game you will divide the children into two teams and give each child a spoon and a boiled egg, which you will have previously dyed, a color for each team. Place the two teams side by side waiting in line and on the word Go, first child of each team will race across the room and back, hard boiled egg on the spoon! When they reach back the starting point they must give their spoon with the egg still on it to the next child in their team. Winning team is the one to finish first with egg still on spoon.