Lion Puppets

Cut large circles (about 9” diameter) from yellow construction paper. Cut out about 20 strips from brown paper for the mane. Cut out mouth, whiskers, eyes and nose using your imagination and creativity. Providing paste let the children arrange the mouth, eyes, mane, whiskers and nose. Once faces are ready, stick them on plastic or paper plates. A stick can be added at the back of the plate to make a puppet. Adorable party favor kids can take home or use to make a play for their parents!

Animal Face Balloons

You will need some balloons, paint and sticky colored tape. Choosing the right colors (brown, yellow, etc) paint animal faces on the balloons, like a lion, a monkey, a tiger etc or any other jungle animal. Shape out ears using colored tape.
Painting the children’s face like animals from the jungle only adds to the fun!