Choose any of our free printable papel picado patterns below and click on it to print it out. All patterns measure half the size of an A4 letter sheet. Cut along the dotted lines to make shaped "holes" in the paper. Use a cutter for internal shapes. You can use scissors for the shapes at the edges.

Cut crepe paper into A4 letter-size sheets and fold them in half. Place template on top (the crepe paper's fold should be on the left). Outline the holes on the template with a pen. You can cut a few tissue paper sheets at once, by placing one inside another, leaving all folds on the left. The pattern will be drawn on the sheet at the top. Cut holes again as done with the template. 

To make a long streamer of papel picado, stick the top corners of each sheet one to the other. You can also use needle and string to "sow" the sheets together from the top corners to make a streamer.

Use different patterns and tissue paper in different colors to make your streamer.

To make a streamer with just one pattern and in one color only, cut your crepe paper 7.5" high by the length of the crepe paper sheet. Fold the paper 5.5" from one edge, and continue folding at the same distance, letting each new fold wrap the last one. Once all figures are cut out, open up the paper... you will have a complete papel picado streamer!

Free printable papel picado patterns