First, follow the instructions below to make a pinata and then print out our free pinata templates to turn it into a bear, pig or fiesta star pinata!

Easy Steps for Making A Pinata

To make a round pinata:

  1. Blow a round balloon
  2. Add 2 oz of glue (half a bottle of school glue) into a bowl and thin with 3 cups of water. Many people use flour and water to make a sticky paste, but we prefer to use glue for "non-perishable" pinatas... :)
  3. Tear newspapers into strips, dip them in the glue and stick all around the balloon.
  4. Cover the balloon with 4 layers of newspaper strips.
  5. Let the balloon dry.
  6. Paint the pinata in a solid color.
  7. Cut crepe paper into strips and cut a fringe along one edge.
  8. Stick strips along the opposite edge of the fringe all around the pinata until it is fully covered. You can also use crepe streamers instead of strips of crepe paper.
  9. Pop balloon.
  10. Add cones to create a traditional Mexican star pinata or use our free templates to create a pig or bear pinata! Make 2 holes at the top of your pinata and insert a piece of rope to hang your pinata from the ceiling or from a tree branch.

Congrats! you have created a pinata, now learn how to play the traditional pinata game or how to convert your pinata into a Pull String Pinata.