Thanksgiving Wreath - For 7-10 year old kids

This is a great craft activity to keep kids entertained at school or at home during Thanksgiving. It's also very easy to do! Let kids create this Thanksgiving decoration for the school room or home.


School Glue
1 Plastic Plate (9 in. dia.)
White Paper
Coloring Pencils
A Printer


1. Click on the Autumn Leaves template below print out as many times as you want.
2. Color out the leaves. You can also print out the template on color paper if there's no time to color leaves.
3. Cut out leaves
4. Cut out the half part of the center of the plastic plate. Write on the bottom part that is left "I am thankful for..."
5. Instruct kids to write on each leaf what they are thankful for this year.
6. Glue leaves around the border of the plate. Your wreath is ready to hang from a wall or door!

Thanksgiving Place Mats


Use the same leaves template to create these placemats for Thanksgiving. Color leaves and cut them out. You will also need construction paper in different colors (use autumn colors like yellow, orange and red).
1. Cut the construction paper into strings about half inch wide.
2. Line different colors of strings over the table vertically. You can stick them to the table from one end with a piece of tape.
3. Then, starting from the end taped to the table, insert horizontally another string of paper below the first string, then above the next, then below the next, then above the next, and so on. Continue "knitting" strings of paper horizontally on the vertical ones, until placemat is completed.
4. Cut remaining pieces of strings around placemat and stick leaves on the upper left corner to decorate it.

Autumn Leaves template