Mini Star Pinata Party Favors 6 Units

  • $2400

*If you choose to send your own image for labels, please make sure to send it in reply to Order Confirmation Email. Image must fit in a 2.5 inch diameter circle, must have clear background and must be at 300 dpi. This will be printed on clear sticker for each pinata's window.

This 6-point star pinata made of sturdy holographic cardboard in assorted colors may be customized with any message you want and may be prefilled with American or Mexican brand candy.

  • Each pinata measures 10 inches in diameter by 2.5 inches deep.
  • Pinata features a window to view goodies inside.
  • The back comes off by pulling it to release candy, no need to break pinata.
  • American Brand Candy Filler includes Jolly Rancher, Now & Later, Skittles and Starburst.
  • Mexican Brand Candy Filler includes Pelon Mini, Pulparindo, Pica Fresa, Rellerindos and Rebanaditas.
Pricing Table Blank Window Customized
Unfilled $4.00/ea $5.50/ea
Filled $5.00/ea $6.50/ea



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