Christmas Party Crafts Ideas
Christmas Party Crafts Ideas Christmas Party Crafts Ideas

Christmas Party Crafts Ideas


Christmas Tree Decorations

Let kids help decorate the tree with these easy-to-make Christmas decorations. Fun craft activity for kids!


School Glue
White Paper
Coloring Pencils
A Printer
Ice Cream Sticks
Red or Green String or Yarn


  1. Click on the Christmas figures template to the left and print out as many times as you want.
  2. Color the figures and cut them out.
  3. Color the sticks on both sides.
  4. Glue each figure at the top of a stick. For Santa Claus and snowman you can paint three dots on the stick below the head to make the buttons.
  5. Use tape to stick a piece of string at the top back of each stick.
  6. Hang from your Christmas tree! These Christmas decorations can also be used to decorate cupcakes. Just remember to leave sticks unpainted if you are going to stick them into food.

Christmas Straws

You can also use the Christmas Template to the left to make some funny straws for Christmas. Great table decorations!
Find some flexible straws and glue Christmas paper figures right below where straw bends.