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If you're not thrilled with the idea of giving a buster stick to children at your kid's birthday party, here's a gentler version for the popular pinata party game that doesn't involve one: string pull pinatas.

String pull pinatas are built the same way as regular pinatas, shaped as kids favorite characters using cardboard and tissue paper, but the difference is that they feature a number of ribbons at the bottom. One of these ribbons is attached to a trap door at the bottom of the pinata and will open it when pulled, letting the candy fall out. The other ribbons simply come off when tugged.

Ribbon pinatas are not hit with a stick to break them open. The way to play this party game is standing all kids around the pinata and let them choose a ribbon. Make sure you hang the pinata very low so all kids can reach a ribbon! At the count of three all kids get to pull a ribbon and the candy and toys will fall out.

Another version for playing the ribbon pinata game is standing kids in a line and let them take turns in pulling a ribbon. This adds expectation of who will be the lucky one to open the pinata! Waiting for your turn for a chance to break it open is one of the features that kids love about the common pinata party game.

You can find many licensed characters in the Pull string pinata variation, such as Minnie's Bowtique, Super Mario and Dora Pinatas. However, almost any pinata can be converted into a pull string using our Pull Ribbon Conversion Kit! So if there's a pinata not on this page that your kid simply fell in love with, add it to your cart together with our Pull Pinata Kit and convert your pinata into a pull ribbon in no time!

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