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PARTIES ARE NO FUN WITHOUT A PINATA! Now, the country's largest pinata manufacturer has a generous revenue-sharing program through which you can earn revenue (by placing banners and links on your website) by sharing with your site's visitors our fun and unique products. Our site targets kids party supplies and kids party games. Pinatas are a great niche product that sell particularly well on the internet. When your visitors click on a PINATAS.COM link and make a purchase, you will make a commission on that sale. PINATAS.COM handles all of the customer service, fulfillment, shipping and tracking of sales generated from your website. All you do is make our attractive products available to your visitors and then cash your revenue-sharing check at the end of the month. IT'S THAT EASY!!

We encourage you to participate in our revenue sharing program of our unique products.

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Commission Rates and Performance Incentives :

10% commission 30 day referral period Unlimited referrals Standard lifecycle

Performance Incentives

12% commission for Sales ≥ $500

13% commission for Sales ≥ $1,000

14% commission for Sales ≥ $1,500

15% commission for Sales ≥ $2,000

16% commission for Sales ≥ $2,500

17% commission for Sales ≥ $3,000

18% commission for Sales ≥ $3,500

19% commission for Sales ≥ $4,000

20% commission for Sales ≥ $5,000

Once we approve your application, you will be on your way to earning commissions on the best party products the web has to offer!