Our focus, until 2000, has been to manufacture and sell wholesale pinatas to thousands of supermarkets, party stores and discount stores in North America. In 2000, we started a web presence to sell retail pinatas and other party supplies to individual consumers via the internet. This business has grown significantly in the last two years.

Immediately they gained market share. During the last 16 years, we have helped the pinata business grow tremendously in the US and Canada. We have shipped pinatas to every city and state in the US, extending the knowledge and use of this kid party game.

Today, we have pinatas manufactured on the two major Mexican borders of Juarez and Tijuana. Over 600 people work in our manufacturing centers in these two cities.

Our office/warehouse in El Paso, Texas is capably staffed by 20 employees, either working in the offices or warehouse.

We specialize on kid party supplies, but we also offer party supplies for other special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, bachelorette parties and baby showers. We also have pinatas specially designed for holidays such as Easter, Hanukkah, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas and many others.

We sell kid party supplies on popular party themes from the latest movies and Tv cartoon shows, and pinatas and party supplies on alltime favorite characters. Visit our kids party supplies section to view all party themes.

Our main purpose is to provide parents with all party supplies they need for decorating and celebrating a child birthday party. However, we also expect to provide a pinata for any event and every theme party.