Pinata Contemporary Uses

While pinatas were initially used as a party game at kids birthdays, nowadays they are also considered a fun activity and an original decoration for holidays and special occasions. Here are some uses we suggest:

Party Game:

Beating a pinata or pulling the strings from a pull ribbon pinata is a must at any kids birthday party. Pinatas have become as essential as the birthday cake! Realizing how much fun a pinata adds to an event people around the world are incorporating this party activity more and more to their celebrations. 

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Party Decorations:

Pinatas can be hanged from the ceiling or placed on top of a table as a centerpiece. A pinata that matches your party theme will give the final touch to your decoration. The great thing about this decorative accessory is it can be used as a party game as well!

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Don't only use them for birthday parties but remember to accent your holiday decoration with a pinata. You can grow bored of traditional holiday decorations so spice up your Easter, Halloween or Christmas decor with a fun pinata!

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Hospital Visits:

A clown, unicorn or train pinata filled with toys and candy will brighten up a kid's day at the hospital more than flowers, which might not be allowed in a patient's room. Remind them with a pinata that the party is still on!

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As a Gift:

A pinata is an original gift idea for a birthday kid, for your valentine's sweetheart, for a mom to be or any other person celebrating a special moment in their life. 

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The pinata party game will always come in handy for any special occasion or celebration. Keep celebrating life with a pinata!

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