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Pinata Kits

Que viva la pinata! Hooray for pinatas! Not for nothing are we called we make pinatas and we truly think they are the spice of a birthday party. But no need to be a pinata expert to know that a pinata needs candy and toys, a blindfold an a stick to become the outburst of fun that it's famous for. So we've decided to create discount pinata kits that include a pinata and its essential accessories.

A pinata is a higher-priced party supply as it is a large decoration and a party game at the same time. A 10% off on our pinata kits therefore means higher $ discounts than greater percentages given on low-priced tableware items.

We offer discount pinata kits in different variations, so you can choose the filler that you prefer. Fillers may include candy and toys or a mix of everyone's favorite brand candy. Select your favorite!

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